Do Up

Phrasal Verb
did up; done up; doing up; does up
  • To repair, paint, and improve an old building, car, boat etc
    "I'd like to buy a run-down house and do it up"
  • To prepare (as by cleaning or repairing) for wear or use
    "do up a shirt"
  • To furnish or decorate with something ornamental
    "I did the room up with crepe paper and balloons for the birthday party."


Noun / Verb
to design; a design


technique; tools

Our Goal

Is to create a shift in how people approach design and technology services.

We truly believe that good design should be everywhere and more people should become practical design-thinkers.

We want to ensure that technology driven solutions become accessible to all sections of society and not just restricted to a selected few.

Our Focus

We work for the unorganized retail market, beyond the constraints of shape, size and form factor.

Despite billions of dollars being pumped into the Indian Organized retail in the last 15-20 years in form of FDI and capital investments, it has still only taken over around 9% of the total market.

The unorganized retail market is still growing at an impressive rate, we want to be a part by providing threshold quality across the spectrum of experience and interaction, both physical and digital.

Our Method

Utilitarian, speedy and iterative solution design

Localizing to local languages and culture

Customised, cost optimised packages

Pragmatic, cost-aware material choices

Integration with technology and online media platforms

Data modelling with algorithmic insights and optimisation

We support

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