Data On-board

Develop a Database, Backend and Backend strategy. Harness data and APIs to achieve business goals, including :

Server & Cloud Infra Provisioning
Enter the world of Data & Cloud tech with the best tech stack for your use case

Data Harvesting & Analysis
We help you compile and analyze all forms of data, to fulfill your business goals

Inference, Optimization & Research
Using code and algorithms to drive meaning out of your data

APIs, Integrations & Batch Processing
Create workflows and communication strategies between Apps, Teams & Collaborators

Visualizations & Workflow Stories
We help you visualize and tell powerful & meaningful data driven stories

This package is designed for

E-commerce starters

User data based projects

Digitizing existing data registers

Developing integrated systems

How it works

  • Sign up for the package

    Enter your details and submit request

  • Discuss requirements and expectations

    Work with a Do Up Project associate to define your requirements and the desired outcome

  • Design review and finalization

    Based on the requirements we will suggest architecture and system design, you can give feedback and inputs for changes

  • Delivery and execution

    We will deliver all services and functionality on provisioned cloud infrastructure

Do Up Advantage

Cost efficient infrastructure setup

Industry leading programming languages and frameworks

Minimalistic, yet extensible architecture

Built in security provisions


  • Who can utilise a Database or a backend system?

    Anyone who deals with user data in form of lists, tables or other documents, can harness the power of programming and cloud services to build processing capacity on top of a managed database. This can be used to run automated jobs, email/sms campaigns, carry out transactions, integrate with other systems and much more.

  • How to share the knowledge of how the system works?

    We provide you with source code and well formed documentation on the whole project, so that it is easy for you to utilise and extend on the functionality of the system.

  • What is the payment process?

    You can pay through Credit / Debit cards or online banking. Payment is made in 2 installations of 20% and 80%. First installation has to be paid while availing the service, after which a Project Associate is assigned to your case and design work starts. The second payment has to be made after the finalization of designs, before actual delivery and installations.

₹ 9,999  onwards

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